4 Reasons to Leave Personal Facebook Using for an Online Professional

4 Reasons to Leave Personal Facebook Using for an Online Professional
4 Reasons to Leave Personal Facebook Using for an Online Professional

As an online professional, I mean Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, or SEO Experts everyone you should leave Facebook if your business doesn’t depend on Social Media. I believe that some social media as like Facebook kills motivation and productivity. It kills productivity. Facebook is a better platform to communicate you people and a better platform to promote your business, but it’s not better for a busy person personal using.
There are some important things that I’ve noticed and decided that I won’t use Facebook actively anymore. I want to mention that I was a super active Facebooker and I was active on some blogging and affiliate marketing community. I helped huge people all day. But the end of the day, I’m in my place, and the result is zero. It has no output.

Watch these four reasons to leave personal Facebook Using.

Increasing Features

Facebook authority is upgrading their website and apps daily with customers demand. I hope that you believe it that too many features mean too much time wasting. Did you notice that, if you connect with someone in friend list they automatically come into inbox or messenger? It’s a new thing. That’s mean Facebook want that you to spend more time here. That’s a hard business policy, and I hope that you understand what I want to say.

I Think They Doing Spying

I don’t know did you notice or not, right now if you want to use Facebook and Messenger then you’ve to give access to your camera, recorder, etc. According to some news, they’re spying on people and observing their impression after reading any post. It’s a mental matter; they want to keep the engaging post in their news feed so that they spend more time on Facebook. It’s an apparent motive.
Even, Mark Zuckerburg keeps his webcam covered by tape then why should we provide our camera and recorder access to such this social media. It’s better to use Google Plus or Twitter.

Showing Ads too Much

4 Reasons to Leave Personal Facebook Using for an Online Professional
Too Much Ads

I started using Facebook in 2010 and back then, there was not too much ad on Facebook. Right now, it’s increasing. Facebook advertiser number is growing day by day, and they’ve started to show ads everywhere.
I loved to stay in Instagram but it also being garbage to me. I feel angry to see huge stupid and unreal ads there. I don’t know why Facebook authority doesn’t verify the real information about every advertiser and their company.

Normal Post Engagement Limit

If you’re maintaining some great Facebook page, then you can understand the matter. Back then 2011 and 2012 I was an Admin of a Page with 250k like and it was about entertainment and its audience was worldwide because it was an English page.
In 2016, Facebook just screwed our free business. There was 12 admin for that page. Day by day we were increasing posts number and growing posts quality. But Facebook started to limit our reach to audience. I know some people will get something stupidity in my that logic, but it’s true, and I’m the victim.

Watch this Video, They Explained Well



So guys, I just want to tell that keep you safe. I’m not any competitor or foe of Facebook. I just tried to reveal the real facts. I know that everybody won’t be agreeing with my logic, but I think it’s the time to consider an alternative option for Facebook. Start using Google Plus or Twitter. I believe that they’re better and they care about their customers. They won’t disable your account without any issue.

Author: Sofor Ali

I’m a Full-Time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Content Writer. I’m a self-made internet entrepreneur.

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