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Sofor Ali , I am 20 years young Bangladeshi internet Entrepreneur. I started my Entrepreneurship from 2013 when I was a secondary school student. I’m a prideful owner of a IT business named SolutionEver.

I’m a student of Civil Engineering Department, but I was never interested about engineering. IT always attracted me and I built my career with IT. I’m working with Dictator Soft from 2016. Dictator Soft is a famous IT institute located in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

I’m interested in various filed of IT.

I’m a passionate and successful Blog and Content Writer.

I started Amazon Niche Site building since 2016. I wish to make my Entrepreneur career with internet marketing. Now I fully concentrate on this.

Indian Entrepreneurial Website YourStory.Com Published My Story – Read From Here.

SolutionEver – My Own Business

In September 2016, I started my own IT business SolutionEver. I was providing Content Writing Services there. Now we’re a fulfill agency with some dashing and dreamer young. We’re providing complete digital marketing services. I focused on local market mainly and most of the clients are local still now.

I want to introduce one of co-leader for SolutionEver – Naimul Islam. He is a great person and very helpful. We started SolutionEver together. Even he worked hard more than me. Love and respect for him.

I’m very hopeful and passionate about my own business.

My Background 

After completing my primary study from Snanghat Govt. Primary School in 2007 I admitted in Putijury S.C. High School. The best times of my life started then.
I spend my most valuable and enjoyable time with my high school friends. I got lots of good and helpful friends there. I have lost most of them, someone still now contacts me.

Sofor Ali
I’m with my friends in a Local Restaurant named – Bashpata. From left – Me, Sakib, Rubel, Shopon, Jamal

Suman, Nily, Ruman, Rumon, Rumana, Nasrin, Sumaiya, Reba, Fahad, Apu, Shibu, Shopon, Shawon, Shakib, Safiur, Asad, Jony, Happy, and lots of more friends, whom I can’t forget.
We were in school hostel for three months. That was an outstanding time. We did everything in that time, we played, we sang, we went outing, we shouted.
I miss that time too much.
After complete my high school life I admitted in Habiganj Polytechnic in 2013 to study about Civil engineering. I’m here still now.

My Photo and Video Gallery

sofor ali with wife
Me and My Beautiful Wife Nasrin Sultana in Zia Uddan, Dhaka


sofor ali in life
CEO in Lift 😛


sofor ali in bus
Traveling Dhaka to Sylhet by Ena Bus Service
sofor ali in basundhara shopping complex
Me and My Wife in Basundhara Shopping Complex



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