Top 7 Funny Facts about Comedian Religion Leader Swami Om

Top 7 Funny Facts about Comedian Religion Leader Swami Om

Do you know Swami Om Ji? I hope you do. If you don’t, then you will now. I hope you will get fun guys. I didn’t want to blame any religion here. I like Hindu guys, and I think that a man like Swami Om can’t be a leader of Hindus. Here are top seven funny facts about Swami Om.

Have fun guys.

#1. He Claims that He is the Acting teacher of Hema Malini

hema malini
Hema Malini

He claims that he has given acting certificate to Bollywood Basanti Hema Malini. While Hema Made her debut in the film, she was 20 years old, and this shitty Swami Om was only 11 years old kid. How funny is that he claims he gave acting certificate of Hema. Hema Malini is one of the greatest actresses in Bollywood history.

#2. He Claims that He Slapped Salman Khan

i slapped salman khan - swami om
Salman Khan

While he was in Bigg Boss, Salman Khan was the host of that event. He claims that he has hit that superstar. He described like that, ‘I don’t like non-vegetarian, and Salman ate non-vegetarian food in front of me. That’s why I slapped him.’

Some shitty guy will slap a Superstar as like Salman Khan, and anybody of that planet won’t know anything about that. How brave he is.

#3. He Claims that He is a Good Actor without Training

swami om with girl
Watch his Acting

His that speech is a little bit right, otherwise how a human can say these kinds of lie at the front of media. That image I’ve mentioned above, you can understand that how much good actor he is.

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#4. He claims that he made Narendra Modi prime minister.

narendra modi laughing
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

He directly requested it that he has immediate control on Narendra Modi. He also claims that he is the main people who are the reason that’s why Modi is president now.


#5. He claims Shahrukh Mom is his Fan.

In an interview, he claimed that Shahrukh Khan’s mom Lateef Fatima Khan is a fan of his. That is a hundred percent lie.

#6. He will finish ISIS name from history.

ISIS facts

He said that he will be next President and will destroy all ISIS members. How funny is that? Even some countries army has become fail to kill ISIS members. In this situation, he will wash the name of them.

#7. He claims that he doesn’t fear

He said that he don’t fear death, everybody won’t agree with me, but I believe that someone who did previous six things he can’t be like that.

Watch that Video Interview to Know More



This guy is a full of comedy, Kapil Sharma is failed at front of him.

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